Saturn - S Series 91-94

Odometer Repair Parts
To repair the odometer permanently you will need both the 25 tooth gear and the 15 tooth pod, One of each.

Saturn 25 Tooth Odometer Gear
( view PDF instructions )
This gear rides on a large pod gear. The two gears together operate the odometer. If you only want to repair the odometer once then it is recommended to replace both at the same time. The diameter of this gear is 10.65mm or .419"

Saturn 15 Tooth Large Odometer Pod
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The original pod was made in two parts, the disc and then the urethane gear. We manufacture the replacement pod as one piece. This ensures a stronger part with no failure possible. Recommended to also order gear listed above.

Shifter Repair Bushing

Saturn Manual Shifter Bushing
Located at base of shifter under center console. Use channel lock pliers to press new bushing into place.