Volkswagen - Mechanical Speedometer

Volkswagen - Mechanical Odometer Gear
There are potentially two gears that can go bad. First is the gear on the side of the speedometer. If your gear is metal then you will not need this gear. If it is plastic inspect closely where the shaft comes through the gear as there will generally be a hairline crack and the gear must fit tight.
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Volkswagen - Lead Odometer Gear
Second is the lead gear on the same rail. Check to make sure it is tight on the shaft. Using a small screwdriver, see if it spins on the shaft. If it does, you should replace this gear as well. There are three sizes. All you need to do is measure the overall thickness.
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Volkswagen - VW 11/12
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It is highly recommended to inspect the old gear before ordering. These gears can and will be found in all VW's, the gears are different. If your old gear does not have a 3.5mm collar and measure 8.65mm dia. then you need a standard mechanical gear that you can order above.
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