About us

We started trading as Pioneer Wind and Solar in 1978. It was a humble operation specializing in the manufacture and repair of Alternative Energy support systems, Industrial Instruments, Marine Navigation and Safety devices, Car Radios and CB's. Our mission was to provide outstanding quality of workmanship at reasonable prices. We have never deviated from this goal.

Over the years our repertoire of abilities has expanded in keeping with the latest technologies. From repairing the relatively simple products of the 1970's we have emerged as a leading repairer of products including Medical equipment, Electrical & Electronic Instruments, Marine electronics, Navigation Equipment, Cordless telephones, Mobile phones, Hi-Fi, 2-way radios, Pagers, CB radios, Scanners, , Home theatre, Car radios & Stereos and more. There is practically no limit on the range of products we can repair: If it employs electronics, we can fix it.

On many occasions, Repairs Only has re-designed assemblies within equipment so as to overcome the problem of parts obsolescence, enabling the equipment to continue giving service. We have been asked, at various times, to research and develop certain products (see Recent projects), and have either met or exceeded the customer's expectations with the result.

In recent years, there has been a trend in favor of selling the consumer a new product instead of repairing the old one. We are working against this trend and offering a service reminiscent of that which was commonplace up until recent times. To this end, Repairs Only tries harder, we provide you with a firm quotation before proceeding with the repair and we keep you informed in relation to the anticipated repair date.

The excellent quality of our repairs, reasonable charges, coupled with the fact that we love what we do, has enabled us to not only stay in business for 28 years, but to grow steadily without investing large amounts of money in advertising. Some of our customers first visited us in the late 70's, and present with a faulty product many years after their first visit. Many times a customer will remark that they have been 'all over the place', but were unable to find anyone who even cared about repairs.

Our promise is very clear- We will use our best efforts and employ every means at our disposal to ensure that your product is repaired quickly, competently and at reasonable cost.