No-bull policy

We have a policy of being completely honest with our customers. This means that you will be provided with an honest appraisal of the repair. If the cause of the fault is minor, we will charge accordingly, without any 'padding' being applied to inflate the repair costs. If  Repairs Only is not confident about the repair (some intermittent faults can be extremely difficult), we will advise you of the reason. Usually when this situation arises, we do not charge for the repair, but we ask that the product be returned when, and if the problem re-occurs.

As part of our No-bull policy, Repairs only always provides the faulty components for your inspection. In this way you have proof that we actually did the work we charged you for.

When a repair is taking longer than expected, we do not invent excuses like, "The technician is ill", or "The parts haven't arrived". We simply pour more resources in to deliver on our promise of 'Speedy Repairs'.

Spare parts for older equipment can sometimes be hard to procure. We may need to source them overseas or use an equivalent, non-original part. Such parts will be chosen so as to meet or exceed the original part's specifications. If this situation arises, we advise as such and let you know if any side-effects exist as a result of using non-original parts.