Odometer Gears

Repairs Only is the Australian representative and distributor for Odometer Gears Ltd. We can supply odometer gears to suit just about any Speedometer or Odometer including those used by Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Holden, VW, Ford, SAAB, Mercedes, Nissan Skyline, Commodore, Mazda, Toyota and many others. In most cases the gears are available ex-stock and can be despatched within 24 hours.

Fitting of the gears can usually be accomplished by someone adept at working on small mechanical items, using commonly available tools. We will do our best to guide you with advice over the phone or gearsby referring you the the vast amount of information available at the Odometer Gears web-site. For those who would prefer to have the work performed by us, we can usually repair and return the speedometer or cluster within 48 hours. Please note- we do not remove or refit the instrument in the car- you will need to remove it yourself or have it removed by a mechanic or auto-electrician.

If the model of your car is not listed on the Odometer Gears web-site, it is likely that we will still be able to help you if you provide information such as Make and Model of car, number of teeth on the gear, diameter and width of the gear. Even if you have found your car listed, we strongly recommend that you count the teeth on each gear, and measure it's diameter for confirmation.

The gears manufactured by Odometer Gears are of the highest quality in terms of tolerance and the raw materials used. This means that the new replacement gears are better quality than the originals and will last much longer.

Price - The cost of each gear is $25, no matter what the model is. You are welcome to pick up the gears or we can send them out by courier at a cost of $9 or post at $2.

In some cases, comprehensive instructions for replacement of the gears is available from the Odometer Gears web-site (as well as the many car repair forums). For example, click on this link for instructions on how to repair a BMW (VDO) odometer.

Please send your request via e-mail richard@repairsonly.com.au   (we will reply to every e-mail as quickly as possible- usually within 1 hour). Alternatively, you can phone (seven days a week) on (02) 9524 4131. Please supply information such as make and model of car or bike, make of instrument, number of teeth on the gears etc.

We highly recommend the replacement of all gears in the drive train, even if they look OK. This is gearsbecause the material used in the original gears, combined with the lubricant which was applied in the factory, causes all the gears to fail at around the same time. Given the effort required in removing the odometer from the car, it makes sense to replace them all at the same time.

Our promise is very clear- We will use our best efforts and employ every means at our disposal to ensure that your parts are supplied or your product is repaired quickly, competently and at reasonable cost.