Australian supplier of Odometer Gears

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We stock and sell what is probably the world's largest range of Odometer gears, Seat Gears, Wiper Gears, Headlight Adjusters, Transfer Case Actuator Gears, Handbrake Actuator Gears, Seat Bushings, Throttle actuator kits etc.

Customers can purchase the gears and fit themselves or we can supply and fit for you (Odometer gears only). In any case, you can rest assured that the gears will not fail again (see Lifetime Warranty conditions).

The gears offered on this site are stocked and suited for the cars listed, however, these are only suggestions. It is the purchasers responsibility to make sure the gears are suitable for the application BEFORE PURCHASING as we do not do swaps or refunds unless we make a mistake.

To ensure the gears you order are correct, you will generally need to dismantle your speedo and count the teeth on the damaged gears, and measure their diameters. In most cases, you should replace all the gears, even though some may look OK. This is because the gears become rubbery and soft and will break within a short time of the first breakage. Replacing the set, where recommened, will mean you only need to repair the instrument once.

What we do -

We supply odometer gears for VDO, MOTOMETER and some SMITHS/ JAEGER INSTRUMENTS
We fit odometer gears to VDO, MOTOMETER and some SMITHS/ JAEGER INSTRUMENTS
We use standard Australia Post for shipping - no tracking facility
We send your order as soon as it is practical for us

What we don't do -

We don't repair anything except faulty odometers
We don't work on brands other than those listed above
We don't get involved with jobs that are of life threatening urgency
We don't wind speedos back
We don't know how long it will take for Australia Post to deliver

Extremely urgent orders -

For urgent orders we suggest you purchase direct from the US supplier. They ship daily, and you have the advantage of being able to watch your order travel all the way to your front door.