Recent projects

Satellite powered asset tracking systemListed below are some of the products which we have designed for our customers-

Satellite Asset Tracking System
This is a system whereby the owner can track any asset (car, tractor, boat, bike etc.) using a mobile phone. The owner can send an SMS message to the asset, and interrogate for information such as location (accurate to within several metres), speed, direction etc. The system can be configured so that an SMS is generated by the device, whenever it moves outside of pre-defined area. In addition, the system can immobilize the asset. A self-contained battery backup is incorporated within the waterproof housing to enable continued asset monitoring in the event of the asset's battery being removed. An SMS can be generated automatically when the asset's battery is disconnected.
There are very low costs associated with the system's use. The only requirements are a SIM card and street directory (UBD etc). The system delivers location information by nominating the page within a street directory and the position within the page (e.g. L 16).

High Power Inverter
For use with Alternative Energy systems (solar, wind, hydro etc), it is capable of converting 24 Volt DC electricity into useful 240 Volts AC power. It features automatic battery charge for when power becomes available (diesel generator etc), tightly controlled frequency and voltage regulation, continuous output power of 2000 Watts, high efficiency, and a range of protection systems.

Low Voltage Lighting
These lights employ miniature power saving fluorescent tubes with a high frequency inverter. The lights run directly from DC battery power. These lights are used in Solar and Wind powered electricity generating systems where efficiency is of paramount importance.