Repair warranty

The normal warranty on repairs around the industry is 3 months on parts and workmanship. Because we have confidence in our work, Repairs Only offers a 12 month warranty. This warranty applies not only to the parts and workmanship, but also covers against a re-occurrence of the same fault even if it is caused by a new problem. For example, if an appliance is repaired for 'excessive vibration', and the same problem emerges, but with a different cause, we will still cover the repair under the original warranty. What could be fairer than that? This gives the customer confidence that, having invested money for repairs, the appliance will continue to work for a considerable time to come.

In the unlikely event that a repair needs to be looked at by us again, we will not try to 'fob' you off, or weasel our way out of taking responsibility. Instead, we view this as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.

All parts replaced during the course of a repair are returned to you as proof that we carried out the work for which you were charged.